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Cologne Inspired Scents


Cologne Scents

Pillow Talk (Chrome)

Mister Frost (Black Orchid)

Chin Music (Acqua Dio Gio)

Le Boudoir (Mont Blanc Legend)

Day Walker (1 Million)

Shark Bait (Invictus)

Madd Max (La Nuit de L'homme)

Not Guilty (Guilty)

Lock Down (Aventus)

Hung Jury (Tobacco Vanille)

The Acquittal (Cool Water)

Due Process (Terre d'Hermes)

No Contest (Drakkar Noir)

The Verdict (Spicebomb)

Capital Offense (Light Blue)

Double Jeopardy (Gentlemen)

Stick Man (Green Irish Tweed)

Birthday Suit (Paris Hilton 4 Men)

Love Jones (Polo Black)

Casting Couch (Angel 4 Men)

Two Seater (Le Male)

Smoking Pine (woody and floral)

Zion Lion (fresh and earthy)



Bleu de Chanel

Lacoste Red

Versace Eros

Clinique Happy

Burberry Brit

Polo Blue

Clive Christian

Hugo Boss

Issey Miyake

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