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About Us

Pillow Talk Beard Balm and Beard Oil is an amazing combination that smells like Chrome cologne.

What's Inside

Beard Justice uses only all natural ingredients in its beard balms and beard oils. Carrier (base) oils like golden jojoba, safflower, avocado, castor and hempseed oils as well as organic cocoa, mango and avocado butters. This is beard grooming at its finest.

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The Beard Justice Trio Box Set consists of a 1oz beard oil, 2oz beard balm and 2oz beard butter.

Why Not Now

Learn how to grow a beard that's the envy of all men. Beard grooming gives its health and feel even more importance than its look. Moisturize and texturize with all natural beard oils, balms and butters. Do your beard justice. 

Exclusive Deals
Get swagged out with Beard Justice white tees. 50/50 cotton/polyester blended and soft as a cloud.

What If

Everyone loves beard mail! But if for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, we'll gladly replace it or refund you. 

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Beard Care

Stay Bearded

Love & take care of your beard as you would your wife....

Do It Some Justice

Be The Man

You have every reason to love your beard. With the right care regimen, it will turn into the envy of all men.

Release the Beard

Proud Lion

Be honest, your beard makes you feel like twice the man you were before, doesn't it?

Get Justified

Beard With Us

The Beard Oil Arsenal

Beard Justice is proudly handcrafted in the beautiful state of Louisiana. The beard grooming lineup is outrageous! Check out the shop, we're sure you'll find something for your beard to love.

Allergen Warning

Some people might be sensitive to the ingredients used in these products. Test on a small area of the skin if you have any concerns before applying thoroughly. 


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