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Frequently Asked Questions

Beard Oil


Beard Oil is a skin moisturizer that helps to replace your skin's naturally produced sebum oil. Sebum is slowed down during hair growth, climate changes, clogged pores due to dirt, sweat and dry skin. Beard oil should be massaged into the palms and applied directly to the skin underneath the beard to help hydrate from the inside out. This is the foundation for a healthy, great looking beard of any length. Think of your beard as a plant or grass and your skin as the soil that needs to stay fertilized.

Beard Balm


Beard balm is a deep conditioner that's made for the hair itself. It's used to soften coarse, brittle hair, de-tangle and also revitalize. Our beard balms contain only organic ingredients such as cocoa butter, mango butter and beeswax. The presence of beeswax offers some hold, not like a wax, but helps keep the beard hairs tame and somewhat in place. Pair balm with oil for all around texturizing and great feel.

Beard Butter


Beard butter is also for the hair itself. The difference here is the absence of beeswax. It serves as a leave-in conditioner that's great for use anytime, especially before bed. All beards get great benefits from the butters, during those times that hold is not needed. Since the ingredients are all natural, there are a number of other uses for them like a face cream or full body lotion.

Beard Wash


Our beard washes and handmade soaps are formulated for the much more sensitive skin on your face. Many regular shampoos contain chemicals like sulfates and parabens that the scalp can withstand but the face can not. The key to healthy skin is hydration so if it's being dried out by mass produced soaps and harmful shampoos, health will be the last thing that it experiences. Unless absolutely necessary, one should only wash their beard two or three times a week. Doing it too often can further strip the skin of the natural oils it produces and needs. Rinsing the beard and using a shampoo brush between washes can help combat the build up of dirt and oil than can clog the pores.



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